Important Strategies for Keeping Your Blog Content Fresh

Writing great blog content is the way to obtain a reader following, but keeping your blog content fresh is the way to keeping your readers interested. If you are looking for ways to liven up your blog, take a look at these seven strategies.

Sometimes Fresh Means Old
It’s easy for us bloggers to lose sight of why we originally started our blog and misplace our identity a bit. Re-visiting some of your old posts can be a great way to reconnect with yourself as a writer and rekindle the passion that fueled your blog to begin with.

Mix It Up
Variety is the spice of blogging. Even though you are writing great blog content, sometimes this can get boring and feel repetitive. Try throwing a vLog or two in there, or sharing a photo album with your audience, or even holding a webinar. You’ll find that mixing it up here and there will peak your followers interests as well as your own.

Be a Goal Setter
Take the time to set new goals that you would like to accomplish through your blog. Make sure the goals are obtainable and precise (as opposed to broad). Working towards different goals will help maintain your passion and will show in your writing.

Invite Guests to Dinner
While your blog should be primarily from one source, you, it’s a good idea to allow a fresh perspective to be given every now and then. Inviting another blogger to write a guest post on your blog is a great way to liven things up a bit and encourage interesting discussions between you and your readers. If you want to take it even a step further, invite a guest blogger that shares views opposite from yours.

New Inspiration
When first starting your blog it was easy to get inspired as all the topics were new and interesting and you had yet to cover them. As time goes on, things can seem a bit mundane and recycled. You might succumb to the ‘Been there, done that’ feeling. This is why it’s important to look in different places for new inspiration. For instance, making new connections and learning what inspires them is a great way to regain your excitement.

Blog Live
Most blogs are written after the fact or the event. A great way to keep things interesting is to blog live from an event pertaining to the subject matter of your blog. Some examples could be:
– If you run a music blog, blog live from a concert
– If you run a gaming blog, blog live from an event like E3
– If you run a tech blog, blog live from a new release event

Your live blog could include video, written posts, and pictures.

Play Reporter
A great way to engage your readers is to interview someone in ‘the biz’, whatever that may be for you. You are guaranteed to have fun conducting an interview and it will provide for a great new read!

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