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Okay so you love to cosplay but you don’t really know what the point is to set up a cosplay blog. Or could it be that you already have a cosplay blog but haven’t really thought about making some money with it nor do you even know how? Well it’s really simple. A lot of people out there are already making money with things like a food blog, travel blogs and even a video game blog.

How are they making money? There are many ways and different variations of it but the concepts are very simple. You sell stuff on your cosplay blog. Now that may sound a bit farfetched and you are probably wondering “Oh but what can I possibly sell? I don’t have any products… ”

That is okay. Although a lot of people can potentially sell their own products on their own cosplay blog, there are many other ways to monetize your blog traffic without even selling your own products.

Aside from making your own products or selling your own stuff, there are other ways you can also make money with a cosplay blog. Do you ever wonder how media entities like magazines, TV programmes and even news sites make a lot of money? They make a lot of their revenue through advertising. They present something entertaining or informative and get lots and lots of people to see their content while on the side, they advertise with commercials.

Imagine if you take this concept and use it for a blog? That’s possible in a variety of ways.

One of the very popular ways to do this is through Google Adsense, which borrows this same concept by loading up your blog with all these ads and paying you a little bit from each click. Quite simple isn’t it? A lot of people who run blogs are doing this, but it may take time to generate a lot of traffic to get some decent amount of income.

Another way to monetize a cosplay blog is of course, selling other people’s products while getting paid some sort of commission or referral bonus. This is also known as affiliate marketing. You take a product or service that’s relevant to your audience such as maybe some tailoring, face paint or even costume props and then sell it through your blog even though you don’t manufacture them yourself.

There are other ways such as selling information-based products to go along with your cosplay blog. For example, some tips on making certain costumes or places to buy props or whatever information you would think is of high value and relevant to your audience.

One of the popular things you can post on your cosplay blog is of course, your costume designs and the stuff you’ve worn at certain conventions. Photo shoots and albums are very popular blogging content and easily get a lot of traffic if shared around enough.

You can also post some tutorials on how to do the makeup, the tailoring or even making props or just showcase your weapons and items. A blog is all about what you want to share. It’s that simple.

It’s not hard to start at all. You can use a simple WordPress blog and get started straight away. Then you implement one of the strategies mentioned above and start blogging and cosplaying!

Want to start a ready-made, fully-customized cosplay blog that’s a

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